Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Maybe I never know for sure. The essential of becoming your true self never reveals on the way you think it should be. Sometimes when you see your own reflection in the mirror and think, "Who are you? What are you going to turn out to be in the future?" it never answer you back.

All the people in this world maybe ask the same question every single time they confuse in how this world leads them onward. It's like you asking a lone stone, "What are you? How could you turned to be a stone?". Otherwise it's not even a wise question at all.

God creates us back then with individual path and different ways. No one in this world has the perfectly-alike life path from the start they were born until the end when they die. It shows us about struggling on our own way through all those easy and hard obstacles that may hold us back from moving forward.

Don't ever ask God to help you becoming what you've wanted really hard based on someone else's success. Because God never change your destiny until you make your own way to change it. Be brave, be strong, be positive and be extraordinary. Because you are YOU not any one else. It's not about how fat you are, how ugly you are, how smart you are, or else, but how hard you try to make yourself better everyday along the path you've chosen.

~Beruang lihai~

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