Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Apartment Buyers Are Influenced By Panoramic View Consideration

Talking about apartment as another alternative for living somehow related with many factors before people spend money on it eventually. Some factors are might be around the price, mortgage, neighborhood, transportation and many other. But recently there is another trend spreads among people especially in Jakarta who fond of to have a spot in one of those skyscrapers.

As people who have been living in a busy city, struggling with air pollution and heavy traffic, some of Jakarta citizens define that having apartment is a way out to have a better living to redeem their busy hours at the office. They seem to believe that living in a few stories up above the ground such as in Apartment is better than living in a private house just like when they grew up.

High demands to own an Apartment are rapidly rising from years after years as a sign of a big interest upon this matter. Some developers are even taking a risk by producing many projects of apartment building in order to fulfill the needs. This, somehow, leads to a tight competition among developers and bring up this havoc in to buyers mind.

Yet lately, South and Centre section of Jakarta (CBD) have gained fame as favorite location for apartment development and there is a prediction about a moving trend to the North Jakarta that will raise a demand up to 10% compared to last year. According to CEO of Binakarya Propertindo Group (BPG) Go Hengky Setiawan (, this demand for apartment on Northern Jakarta will continue to grow.

This can be true since there are many available lands on North compared with Central Jakarta. Moreover, Southern Jakarta has rapidly developed recently and getting crowded. A place such as Pantai Indah Kapuk makes North Jakarta changed in to an exclusive area supported by its easy access to freeways toward Airports as well as shorter entrance towards inner and outer ring road.

According to a data from Bank of Indonesia (BI), for commercial property survey result at the last third quarter III-2012; there is an increase of up to 40% on apartment and condominium (for sale) sector in the  past year. According to that survey there are some causes of this rapid rise on the price for apartment and condominium, including changes in consumer lifestyles, completion of toll project and also land constraints.

But once again, the question starts to hit our curiosity once again. Why Nortg? What is so special about that area other than the bustling traffic and the number of elite housing there? According to a random survey taken from those who have decided to live in North Jakarta, most of them had this dream about living around the shore or close to the sea.

Apartment or condominiums which have some stories above the ground is believed can emphasize this effect by bringing the idea to have this beautiful panorama of the sea once you open the window curtain. For some people, it was so romantic, soothing, fun and can create a harmonious relationship between family members at home. 

This also led to a north-facing apartment has more in demand than the opposite direction (south). And as you know with frequent floods in the northern areas due to the decline in the ground every year, these people wish to live in an apartment or condo that can reduce the effects caused by the flood to their homes. What is better than having a residential that is flood free, noise-free with a panoramic sea views every day as a bonus? It might feel like heaven on earth. 

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